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This is the first instalment ticket for both Staff and Member tickets for Run 2 of the larp.


When you have paid the first instalment you will receive a discount code and instructions on how to pay the second instalment. Second instalment payment deadline is September 1st. You will loose your spot if you do not pay on time. 


Time: Thursday October 31st to Sunday November 3rd 2019​. Workshop on site Thursday evening from 18.00, larp Friday and Saturday, and departure from venue Sundayaround noon.


The small print:

You need to be able to be at the location at 18.00 on the Thursday. You will not be allowed to participate in the larp if you are not at the workshop.


You need to be pre approved to be able to buy this ticket. If you buy without preapproval you will not get your money back.


The ticket is non refundable and cannot be resold without the approval of Bjarke Pedersen.


Payment date for first instalment is July 15th. Second instalment payment deadline is September 1st. 

Baphomet first instalment Ticket Run 2 2019