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THIRD INSTALMENT - House of Craving 2023

This is a ticket for House of Craving.

IMPORTANT: Please read all information here before buying.

The ticket includes the larp, food and accommodation.


Run 1: July 16th to July 19th -- Sunday evening to Wednesday morning
​Run 2: July 17th to July 20th -- Monday evening to Thursday morning
Run 3: July 18th to July 21st -- Tuesday evening to Friday morning
Run 4: July 19th to July 22nd -- Wednesday evening to Saturday morning
Run 5: July 20
th to July 23rd -- Thursday evening to Sunday morning


Workshop on site day 1 from 20.00, larp day 2 and 3, and departure from venue day 4 after breakfast. 


The small print:

You need to be able to be at the location at 20.00 on day 1. You will not be allowed to participate in the larp if you are not at the workshop.


Furthermore, you need to be pre-approved to be able to buy this ticket. If you buy without preapproval, you will not get your money back.


The ticket fee is non-refundable. Tickets can only be sold to another participant with approval from us

Instalment Plan

You have the possibility to split the payment for the larp in three instalments.: One of EUR 145,- and two of EUR 230,- for a total of EUR 605,-


The extra EUR 20,- is due to the extra administration of the instalments.

The first instalment has to be paid March 1st at the latest. Second April 28th 2023 and third May 29th 2023.

If you do not pay on time, you will lose your spot, and you will have lost your already paid instalments.

The fee includes location, 3*breakfast, 2*Lunch and 2*Dinner, snacks and some alcohol.
There will be a vegan and a meat option.


Please read the legal terms and conditions here.

THIRD INSTALMENT - House of Craving 2023

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