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Alibis for Interaction

Alibis for Interaction is a two-day master class on the craft of designing human interaction, participation and narrative experiences.

The paradigm has already shifted. In contemporary art, local democracy, destination management, game design, the theatre, music festivals, theme parks, the conference industry, in marketing, in faith communities, in group facilitation and in creative consultancies we all know that audiences are turning into participants and consumers into co-creators.

We who work in these fields are faced with a challenge: people may want participation and engaging experiences, but individually they’re still human, and shy about trying new things. Allowing for participation is clearly not enough. We need to encourage it, enable it, create social spaces for new behaviours – whether talking to strangers, brainstorming in groups, dancing in public, reacting with emotion, exploring a space, or a product, or a story.


See more at the Alibis for Interaction website.

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