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We Create Participation

Participation | Design | Agency is a participatory agency with deep and applied experience in transmedia, digital storytelling, role playing, larp and co-creative participatory events. The company is based in the Nordic countries and works all over the globe as experts of immersive gaming, staged in the tradition of Nordic larp.

Full Scale Productions |Bespoke Design |Strategy & Development

The Experience Review |Teaching, Not Bragging

Full Scale Productions
Full Scale Productions


We design and produce larps and immersive events. Our inhouse productions, an R&D surface for our most cutting edge work, include Inside Hamlet at Castle Elsinore and the upcoming Enlightenment in Blood in Berlin.


For our customers, we have created illegal vampire nightclubs in Helsinki and New Orleans, occult adventures for tweens in Dublin, a fictional artists’ commune for transmedia TV series The Spiral in Copenhagen, and Brody Condon’s self-actualisation seminar larp LevelFive at the Hammer Museum in LA, at the Zero One Biennial in San Jose, at Abandon Normal Devices in Liverpool, and at the Berlin Biennial.

Bespoke Design


Whether contemporary artists, commercial brands, museums, theatres, rock festivals, conferences, publishers, municipalities or hospitals, our customers need help making humans interact with each other in specific ways and for specific purposes.


We design bespoke games, participatory processes and immersive experiences ranging from immersive theatre, Nordic larp and unique parties to museum exhibitions, facilitated processes and educational board games.


Our bespoke designs all look quite different, but they have one thing in common – they engage your participants deeply with the theme, your brand, and each other.

Strategy & Development
Experience Review
Strategy & Development

We work with organisations who are shifting from an audience focus towards a deeper understanding of participation.
Sometimes a conference needs help with their narrative framework, designing content for different learning styles or physical spaces for natural interaction.

Sometimes a municipality wants to think of their citizens less like customers and more like stakeholders.
Sometimes an art museum finds that relational aesthetics have gradually changed their visitors’ expectations towards how much they themselves should get to touch, interact and co-create on site.


Often institutions find that commissioners, funders and the surrounding culture are demanding they reconsider access, inclusion, and the purpose of physical meetings and places.

All of this comes down to the craft of designing cultures.

The Experience Review


Most organisations and experiences suffer from the same handful of challenges that are frankly not very complicated to identify and resolve. The Experience Review is a simple three-part introduction to experience design thinking that will empower you to solve basic issues directly, and help you identify strategies for moving towards your long term goals.

Experience Audit – our analysts put themselves in your participant’s shoes and walk through all aspects of their participant journey.

Experience Analysis – a conversation with you or members your organisation about goals, procedures and culture for an inside view behind the scenes.

Experience Map – the easy to approach documentation translates our observations into experience design concepts. It contains a number of practical recommendations that can be implemented directly and suggestions for paths to explore in house or in collaboration with us.

Teaching, Not Bragging

We belong to a vibrant community of designers working for the same goals and driven by the same beliefs: that applying design to interactions can make humans brave, cultures constructive, caring and resilient, art more powerful, societies better, and save the world. Being part of this conversation makes us better every day.


We lecture regularly at design and media conferences, at games conventions and for public sector and corporate customers – not about what we’ve done, but about how we did it.


We are a founding partner of the annual Alibis for Interaction Masterclass. We have volunteered at the Larpwriter Summer School for five consecutive years and with running the Nordic Larp Talks since 2010.

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