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The Musketeer Academy

Children act out the role of the musketeers themselves before the show at Ulvedalene


The Royal Danish Theatre

To develop, produce and carry out “The Musketeer Academy” for the Royal Theater, a role-playing game designed for children aged 7-13 in connection with the play The Three Musketeers in Dyrehaven in 2010.



150 children and their parents act the roles of students at the Musketeer Academy. The role-playing game is intended to give an impression of the characters and story from Dumas’ novel so that the participants become intimate with these even before the play begins.

Statement from the client

Dear Kasper - and dear everybody at Odyssé

I want to thank you deeply for setting up and carrying out the role-playing games this past weekend. It was a great pleasure following your work and it was amazing watching how you handled the children and managed to give everyone a great experience. Motivation was clearly a high priority, and rarely have I seen so many children between the age of 7 and 13 so immersed in the challenges and levels they had to go through.


You were highly professional, and from start to finish, you showed clearly that you were in complete control of the execution. Everything was planned and prepared in a manner so that none of the participants at any point had any doubt that they were working with skilled professionals. It was also heartwarming to see how you managed to integrate the latecomers so that we avoided disappointing any of the people who had spent an hour in the car queue.

With that, you proved that you possess the professional touch which makes the Royal Theater thoroughly satisfied with the way you designed everything. Objectivity, professionalism, motivation and playfulness were at the core of the games, which is only possible insofar that everything is carefully planned by people who know their trade.

Good luck with all your future projects. It was and continues to be a pleasure to follow you.

Many kind regards,


The Royal Danish Theatre

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