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Educational educational larp about media and the initial, critical hours after a story breaks. 



Post & Tele Museum



To create an interactive educational larp for the Post and Tele Museum about sources, journalism and media for grades 7-9. The game was required to include a diverse set of news media in order to reflect the modern idea of news. It should be able to be run by one person and to be played out several times in a day for a full week.

Over the course of two hours, the pupils will become familiar with the feeling of working for a media group and learn to sift and sort through the incoming pieces of information. Through the story of a revolution in the fictitious country of Uturgia, the pupils learn how to prioritise news and work with several sources simultaneously. In order to make the experience as lifelike as possible, Odyssé also produced studio as well as on-location video footage. Furthermore, a number of websites were created to support the game. 

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