Larp Design – Knutpunkt 2022 delivery ONLY

The 2022 Knutpunkt book Larp Design is back in print (but in this web store on sale ONLY for delivery at the Knutepunkt conference in Linköbing– see below )


Edited by Johanna Koljonen, Jaakko Stenros, Anne Serup Grove, Aina D. Skjønsfjell and Elin Nilsen, written by 65 authors from 10 countries, the standard handbook of Nordic Larp design is finally available in hardcover again.


The 428-page tome covers the theoretical foundations of larp design, designing what happens before, during, and after runtime, and advice for collaborations between larp designers and practitioners of other arts. Beautifully designed by Anne Serup Grove, the book as an object is also pleasant to use. For this corrected second printing, we have chosen a lighter paper, bringing the weight down to a more manageable 0,94 kg.



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Read a review of the book here.

This book is a non-profit production. If it accidentally makes money, that money will be donated to Larpfund.


Larp Design. Creating role-play experiences.

(Corrected second printing)

Hardcover (format 170x240 mm) 

428 pages

Weight 0,94 kg


The price is with 6% Swedish VAT included.

We are monitoring the situation relative to covid-19. If the event is cancelled, we will figure out the most economical way to ship the books to you. As our reprint budget has almost no margins, that situation may regardless require that you contribute towards that cost. If Knutepunkt is cancelled, look out for an email within a few days with instructions on how to proceed.

Larp Design – Knutpunkt 2022 delivery ONLY