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The Survival of the Kingdom

The Survival of the Kingdom

Educational role playing game about democracy and the Danish constitution. 



Developing a roleplaying game about Denmark’s first few steps towards democracy before the systemchange and new constitution in 1901, to be used as part of the School Services’ educational programme about The Fortifications. The game is intended for grades 7-10 and has a duration of two hours. The assignment is part of The Realdania Foundation’s Fortifications Project.



Relying on negotiations and votes, the pupils find out first-hand whether they would fare better or worse than the politicians of the past. Over the course of two hours, they vote on different political topics such as women’s suffrage and parliamentarism, experiencing the complicated nature of politics. 


For more info, see the School Services’ homepage. The didactic part of the game was developed working closely with the School Services.

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