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Level Five

Design for a participatory  performance at the Berlin Biennale 2016

Berlin Biennale IX / Brody Condon

The complete production of the interactive performance LevelFive. Odyssé was in charge of everything from early conceptual development, performance design and production to the actual execution on-site.


Odyssé designed an interactive performance for up to 100 participants. The performance was required to not be site-specific, as it is meant to potentially be set up anywhere in the world. LevelFive lasted two days, from 7 in the morning and until midnight with no breaks, and the participants were followed everywhere by three cameras. 

Odyssé has also produced Level Five at the Hammer Museum Los Angeles, Zero One Biennial San Jose 2010 and at Abandon Normal Devices, Liverpool 2011. 

If you are interested in having Level Five come to your museum or performance space please contact us

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